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Our Story...

After six years working with an international tank construction company on projects throughout Venezuela, Gary Humbert elected to establish his own company.

Experience gained in grass root refinery construction, cross country pipelines, tank erection, refinery turnarounds, and oil field general contracting, served as the basis for services to be provided by the new company in 1957.

The first company was a Venezuelan construction company named ZULIA CONSTRUCTION & SERVICE, Zulia being the name of the Western most province state of the Republic of Venezuela. Due to the currency regulations, it became advantageous to operate as a foreign corporation, registered to do business in Venezuela. This resulted in the formation of EL DORADO ENGINEERING CORPORATION, a Panamanian corporation being formed and registered in Venezuela in 1959. Over the years, several branches of this Company, including Puerto Rico, have been registered in various countries and islands of the Caribbean as a foreign corporation providing engineering, equipment supplies and construction services.

In 1991, a special limited liability partnership was formed to provide these same services in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands and was named EL DORADO TECHNICAL SERVICES, S.E.

Today the partnership provides services in constructions that include engineering, mechanical, civil, electrical, process piping, instrumentation for the refinery, water treatment, sewage treatment, power generation, pharmaceutical and other industrial services in Puerto Rico and neighboring islands and countires.