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Engineering Services

El Dorado is primarily identified as a heavy industrial contractor. Most of our projects, including engineering and installation details are developed in-house to complement our construction requirements. Whether it is engineering analysis or drawing development, we use AutoCad 2000 program to help accomplish the task at hand. We have also used our engineering capabilities in our EPCC contracts. For larger engineering projects, we often join with Stateside Engineering Firms that have specific experience related to the project at hand.

Tank Erection and Maintenance

El Dorado's original specialization was the construction and maintenance of API above ground storage tanks for the petroleum industry. Our expertise in this area continues to be a focal point of our business. We have erected tanks from 20 feet in diameter to 240 feet in diameter.

With few new tanks being built in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, most of our tank services involve maintenance. All tank repairs are performed according to the API 653 standards. We are qualified to perform tank bottom and roof replacements, shell repairs, structure replacement, etc.

Regarding emission control, El Dorado has been supplying and installing aluminum internal floating roofs since their inception in the early 1970's. Installation and replacement of seal systems for both internal and external floating roof tank are also part of the services we perform. We have installed aluminum decks in tanks ranging from 20 to 150 feet in diameter

Other services we offer include installation of floating roof drain systems, automatic tank gauging systems, floating suctions, etc.

El Dorado also specializes in both the exterior and interior coating of steel storage tanks. The company has specialized blasting equipment consisting of recyclable steel shot vacuum blasting units which are able to sandblast both the horizontal flat bottoms and roofs and vertical surfaces of the shell. In addition we use real time plural component spray equipment to apply coatings solvent free.

Fuel Terminal and Refinery Services

One of the areas of business that El Dorado has been involved with since its creation in 1959 is Refinery and Terminal Services. This continues to be one of our core areas of expertise. We have experience in Refinery turnarounds, installation and maintenance of process units such as gas compressors, desulfurization units, distillation towers, reformer units, heaters, fin fan heat exchangers and distillation towers. Regarding Bulk Fuel Terminals we have detailed knowledge from construction of entire terminals, to repairs and maintenance of any part or portion thereof.

Water and Waste Water Treatment Facilities

El Dorado has a comprehensive understanding in both the water and wastewater treatment areas. The bulk of the work performed has been for the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA). Some of our principal clients also include the Finance Authority (AFI) and the major Pharmaceutical Companies. We have performed major revamps and upgrades to existing plants, built new pumping stations, installed and repaired clarifiers, gravity sewer systems, pressure force main projects, etc.

Hot Tap Services

We also offer Hot Tap Services to our clientele including other mechanical contractors who need these specialized services. We have the ability to perforate into live pressurized liquid (petroleum or water) or gas (steam) piping systems with our hand tap (1/2" through 4") or our pneumatic system (4" through 16"). You are invited to download our hot tap rates in the downloads section of our internet web page.



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